“That’s all I can stand, I can’t stand’s no more” (Apologies to Popeye)

There have also been posts on the Grumble by Tom Moscato of United that contain many half truths and outright lies.

The following are direct quotes for posts made by Tom Moscato At United Mfrs on The Picture Framers Grumble followed with a rebuttal from me.

Tom Moscato United Mfrs. Supplies:

If you are interested in hangers that are thinner ( while claiming to be thicker ) , shinier, produced overseas, are bad for the economy and the environment then there are plenty of companies out there willing to sell them to you. Some of our competitors are pushing this type of product with no regard for anything but its bottom line.

888 Rebuttal:

Our d-ring hangers are heavier and made of thicker steel than the ones sold by United. When we manufacture our hangers we use .8mm steel where the hangers they sell use .6mm and we use .6mm steel where there’s are .4mm. This is indisputable as any one with a caliper can assess.  We plate our hangers first with copper and then with nickel giving our hangers a finish that is beyond comparison. Show me proof that my hangers are thinner, you cannot.

Tom Moscato United Mfrs. Supplies:

“Old relationships which were severed by our previous management such as Wire and Cable, Traco Mfg. and Frameware / Triangle and many others were renewed, as well as with our domestic plastic bag manufacturers and private label ATG tape manufacturers. WHY? Because they are American companies employing American workers and helping to keep this country strong. Just like United Mfrs. Supplies and just like you.”

888 Rebuttal:

United has received 6 shipments from China in the last 4 months, containing picture wire, hangers, screws and mitre vises all while claiming to baseball, mom and apple pie all rolled into one. This how you keep America strong. Hide behind the flag and continue to import goods from China.

I manufacture in China. I spend most of my time in China working my tail off. They hypocritically say they support US jobs and continue to source and import from China while disparaging my company, products and myself.

At least I am up front about it. I do not source product, I manufacture it.

Also some of the US manufacturers (Names Withheld) who purport to manufacture in the USA import from the same companies as United. The proof is there if you look for it.

Tom Moscato United Mfrs. Supplies:

“Thanks for your support, I am not so sure its a bold move as much as a common sense move. We would sit for a month sometimes two waiting for that “slow boat from China” to arrive while domestic manufacturers sat idle not even an hours drive from us. So far it has paid off and hopefully it will continue.”

888 Mfg Rebuttal:

6 slow boats in 4 months seems mighty fast. AMS and Frameware are an hours drive or so from United I am sure they would like to produce 40,000 pounds of hardware if asked.

Tom Moscato United Mfrs. Supplies:

“Thanks Mark, I honestly couldn’t say I blame you for shopping elsewhere over the past few years with the way things were for a while, but now that we are able to concentrate on what we know best, “distribution” and not manufacturing, things are starting to turn around for us as well as our domestic manufacturers. It is a win, win for all of us. It is so much nicer to look out the window of the Receiving office and see Roadway, ABF, Fed Ex freight trailers backing in to our docks instead of 20 and 40 foot overseas containers from who knows who, with who knows what written on the side of them.
Thanks for giving us a shot again.”

888 Rebuttal:

In between all those Roadway, ABF, Fed Ex freight trailers were containers from China bearing 40,000 poundsof hardware that could have been bought domestically according to Tom. Tom, you know what it says on the containers from China. There are enough of them outside your receiving office, Costco, Maersk, etc.

The domestic manufacturers Tom speaks of can supply about 98% of what they are still importing from China. So it appears it is OK for United to continue import these items to the detriment of the domestic manufacturers they supposedly support, but I am the bad guy who manufactures a superior product by actually being inside our own factory in China ensuring a quality product. I have been in the factories Tom purchases from in China and truthfully they are as bad a you can imagine in treatment of their workers,  living conditions and  polluting the environment.

I came to China to produce a quality product and I treat our workers as well as I would in the US. We are environmentally compliant in all of our processes as required by strict new environmental regulations in the province we work and live in. We also employ 7 people in the US. We will soon be moving a portion of our manufacturing facility to Bay Shore NY as we also would like to manufacture what is financially viable at home.

Tom Moscato United Mfrs. Supplies:

“We know the transition is going to be hard, but we are about 1/2 way there and will do whatever we can to continue to work towards 100% compliance. As far as the environment goes, our hangers are being converted to zinc plating instead of nickel plated. Why you ask? Nickel plating is not available in this country and for a good reason. It’s highly toxic properties are harmful and causes illness. This is the reason the United States has stopped the use of this process in this country.”

888 Rebuttal:

100% compliance with what? As far as being “half way there”, I am sure Frameware, Wire and Cable and AMS would have loved to supply United with the 40,000 pounds of hardware and wire United imported from China in the last few months.

As far as Nickel plating not being available in the US, this absolutely not true.

Nickel plating is used everyday in the US. Here is the truth about Nickel plating from a reliable source: The Nickel Institute:

Nickel-containing materials play a major role in our everyday lives – food preparation equipment, mobile phones, medical equipment, transport, buildings, power generation – the list is almost endless. They are selected because – compared with other materials – they offer better corrosion resistance, better toughness, better strength at high and low temperatures, and a range of special magnetic and electronic properties. It is a rather long article. Here is the link:


All of United catalogs both print and on-line have nickel specified as the plating on many hardware items and picture hangers. Yet the products they send customers are zinc plated. If Nickel is so evil why falsely advertise it?

The evidence:

Below is an image showing the shipments to United from 2/4/2014 until 6/5/2014. Other than the workpiece holder which is mitre vises, they have imported about 40,000 pounds of hardware, wire and screws while claiming to be getting “compliant?” I ask again, compliant to what?

The list below is of bills of lading from a publicly available resource. It is indisputable. There are also bill of ladings showing shipments to other domestic manufacturers. I have no issue with the others, just United as they are going out of the way to disparage my products and myself.

united Chinaclick the image to enlarge it.



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