A customer review posted on Google+

Kirk Larson of Kirk Larson Fine Art. As an artist and seller of art framing on a regular basis, I was quite surprised to find out how important 888 Mfg could be to my business. A major issue with framing artwork over the last few years is one of the simplest-‘screws’ … I have and continue to deal with a few of the major suppliers yet the screws have gotten worse over the last couple years. the complaints were falling on deaf ears. the offset had been getting smaller and harder to use. NOW-along comes 888 with better screws! I gave 888 a shot after finding them initially in my bulk mail folder around the time of the ArtExpo in NYC 2014. They were great at taking the order (had a special of free screws with hangers and offsets tabs) and delivery was very quick and efficient. What an amazing difference to have screws that actually fit the tip of a screw gun or screw driver. What a pleasure to have offset tabs that are longer on one side for those times when you need to catch the frame a little further in. I am very excited and everyone in the framing and art world I have told are thrilled and anxious to try screws that actually work!. Looking forward to doing business with them for many years to come.

Thank you Kirk for allowing us to reprint your review.


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