Do you suffer from framing supplier myopia?

Do you suffer from framing supplier myopia?
The symptoms of this affliction are obvious:
1) You are willing to pay much more for a product available elsewhere for 20 – 40% less.
2) You receive incomplete orders and are forced to wait for the one product you actually needed to arrive weeks later.
3) You pay unreasonable shipping charges and then pay shipping again and again as your back ordered items arrive piecemeal.
4) You accept as normal hardware with thinner materials and inferior plating.

Is there a cure for picture frame supplier myopia? Yes there is!

There is a simple cure for distributor myopia: 888 Manufacturing Corporation.
1) If a product is on our web site, it is in stock.
2) No Back Orders.
3) Low minimum order of just $25.00
4) Low free shipping minimum of $100.00
5) Can’t meet the free shipping minimum, we offer flat rate shipping of $9.50 on all orders under our free shipping minimum.
6) Our free shipping includes all of the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all US possessions.
7) Our hardware has the thickest steel in the industry. When we advertise a product as nickel plated it is nickel plated not zinc.
8) Superior customer service.

It is time for you to take some time and look at what you are really paying for your supplies. 888 Mfg will save you money and deliver quality products. Our published prices are 20 – 40% lower than our competition. Our sale prices are even lower.
It is time to open your eyes. End the scourge of distributor myopia.

You do the math. I can go on and on. With our free shipping specials  your savings are etched in stone. Also we respect our industry.
1)We advertise in the trade magazine, we exhibit at the WCAF and Decor trade shows.
2)We are members of the PPFA. Support the company that supports you.
888 Manufacturing cares.


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