WCAF Information

Professional Framers,

At the end of January our industry gets together at the West Coast Art & Frame Show in Las Vegas.

Many suppliers of the products you use in your business exhibit at the WCAF. This is the largest trade show in our industry and in my opinion the best. You should most definitely try to attend. Besides the vendors there are ample opportunities for education as well the camaraderie of your fellow framers.

The exhibitors spend months in preparation and thousands of dollars to be there for you. We want to meet you and speak with you. We want to hear both your compliments as well as complaints. You input helps us improve ourselves and then helps the industry as whole.

For those who can attend and even those who cannot, take the time to examine the showFloor Plan or the Exhibitor List and see which vendors are exhibiting. Many vendors have specials available at the show. View the Show Specials list to see each vendors special offers. Also the following link will take you the page for The National Conference education opportunities where you can see lists of the classes offered and the speakers who pass on their knowledge to you as well.

Some suppliers take advantage of the show and offer specials via internet or snail mail that are designed to draw you to them without exhibiting. They do not spend the time or funds required to exhibit at the show. They do more damage than good riding the shirt tails of those who put in the time, effort and funds to be at the show for you.

During the show and after, remember who exhibited at the show and who did not. Support the vendors that support you by exhibiting and spending the time and resources to make the WCAF a success.

Please remember how much time and effort we vendors put into the show and show your support for us. Believe me it is appreciated and only helps keep our industry vibrant.

 Trade Show: January 25 – 27, 2016 | Conference: January 24 – 27, 2016

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