Compare Prices And Improve Your Bottom Line

At 888 Manufacturing We Strive To Deliver You The Finest Products At The Most Competitive Prices In The Industry.
You Do Not Always Have The Time To Shop Around For The Lowest Price. You Have Always used A Certain Supplier And It Is Has Become A Habit to Call Your Usual Source.
Well This Habit Is Costing You A Lot Of Money.
Below Is A Chart Showing The Difference in Price Between 888 Mfg And One Of The Big Distributors You All Know.

The Savings Are Obvious!

price compare1
Please note that he prices used here are the most recently published list price from each vendor
Note also that at 888 you would save 25% should you purchase 1 each of the items listed.
Even when the other guy has a big sale our regular prices are lower.

Not only will you save money at 888 Mfg, you will receive products as advertised. Our Nickel Plated products are actually Nickel Plated. Our competition advertises Nickel but delivers Zinc

Get what you pay for for less at 888 MFG

Our Hangers Are Made From Thicker Steel Than Any Others In The Industry

Our Nickel Plating Is Beautiful and Ensures Your Hangers Won’t Tarnish

Our Zinc Plated Hangers Have The Nicest Zinc Finish Available

The Savings Are Real At 888 Manufacturing


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