A bit of advise on purchasing framing hardware and supplies

Something to think about.

The price comparison below contains the sale prices for specials valid until October 31st on picture and mirror hangers, offset clips and frame security hardware.

Both 888 Mfg and our competition offer free shipping specials with low minimums.

Please Click The Image To View In Full Size

At 888 Mfg our sale prices on picture and mirror hangers, offset clips and frame security hardware are lower on every single item.

I am not recommending you refrain from purchasing from the competition. What I am telling you is it in the best interest of your bottom line to purchase your hardware from 888 Mfg.
Consider that you will receive free shipping or delivery from most suppliers with a low minimum purchase. I therefore pays for the few minutes it takes to shop around for the best price. Purchase your hardware from 888 and other items we do not as yet stock from the usual suspects.

The small amount time it would take to order from multiple sources will pay for itself in savings.

We have guaranteed the lowest prices on framing hardware but also the highest quality available in the industry. Also what we advertise we have in stock, No back orders!

Thank you for your time and consideration of my advise.

Peter Ackerman

888 Mfg Corp.


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