The 2017 WCAF (West Coast Art And Frame Show)

The 2017 WCAF starts this Sunday the 22nd with education. On Monday the 23rd the exhibition.

I know that the we and the other vendors who participate spend many hours, days and weeks preparing for the show. Funds invested in exhibiting start at a few thousand and increase exponentially for the larger companies that exhibit at the show. Most vendors are PPFA members and most also advertise in our trade magazine: “Picture Frame Magazine”. Advertising dollars keep the magazine publishing and informing subscribers with useful knowledge from the leaders of innovation and general knowledge we need in our industry

That said, it is incumbent on you, our customer base to make an effort to support the vendors at the show whether you attend or not. The folks who exhibit at the show support the industry. Some rather nefarious dealers take advantage of the show by sending out advertisements during the show for what may be less expensive products or specials. These vendors do more harm to our industry than good. Most sell inferior products that may well appear to be a good deal but in the end are not.

Let me end with this simple thought:

Support the companies that support your industry with their time and effort to be at the show.

Thank  you,

Peter Ackermn


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