The End Of An Era

Started in 1910 by my maternal grandfather United Mfrs was known then as United Trimming. The main business was selling rosettes for mirrors. In 1948 my father Sheldon Ackerman purchased the company from his father in law and renamed it United Manufacturers Supplies.

My father saw the need for a supply house where the custom framer could go for all the supplies they needed in one place. In my opinion his vision and hard work helped to nurture the framing industry into the 2 billion dollar industry it is today.

At one time United was a company every framer knew and had on speed dial. They were the first with a toll free number and first to have a website. 107 years is not a bad run for any company and I am sure they will be missed. It is always a shame to see any company but especially a company with a legacy such as United close operations. I feel for their employees and wish them the best.

I am writing this story/obituary to give the framing industry a history of United up until my fathers death in October 2003. He had a hand in the business right up to his death. I miss him every day.

For full discloser I admit to having worked at United off and on over a period of 35 years and several years after my fathers death. I left the company in 2011 for reasons I would like to keep to myself.

I prefer to see the closing of United as a the end of an era. In parting I would like wish godspeed to the many people I worked with who until now have worked at United.

Thank you for your time,

Peter Ackerman

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