Things are changing rapidly since the demise of United Mfrs

    Some suppliers are making false claims that their products are all made in the USA. We do not. All of our US made products are marked as such. If there is no mark they are imported. We do not hide behind false representations of where our products are manufactured. When you have the best there is no need for deception.
   Our framing hardware is manufactured by us not sourced but made by us in our own facility in China. We supervise every step of the manufacturing process from the source of our steel to our professional die makers. Every process in the manufacture of our hardware is under our control. Our picture and mirror hardware is made of thicker steel than any other available in the US. We use real nickel plating, not zinc as does our competition. It is easy to tell our hardware apart from the hardware of our competition, just weigh it. Ours are substantially heavier. More steel means a stronger hanger.
     Do not take my word for it, call us and and ask for samples. We will send them to you so you may see for yourself.
When you want the highest quality hangers for the frames you put so much work into, you will come to 888 Mfg.
    Do not accept second best. Remember unlike our competitors, we manufacture our own hangers, canvas offset clips and many other of the products we purvey. Generally if it is made of steel it is made by us. All of our products are advertised with the manufacturer and country of origin marked for your information. Do not be fooled.
Soon I will offer undeniable proof. The truth will come out. In the meanwhile if you are not sure ask. We will be happy to help.

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