The 2017 WCAF (West Coast Art And Frame Show)

The 2017 WCAF starts this Sunday the 22nd with education. On Monday the 23rd the exhibition.

I know that the we and the other vendors who participate spend many hours, days and weeks preparing for the show. Funds invested in exhibiting start at a few thousand and increase exponentially for the larger companies that exhibit at the show. Most vendors are PPFA members and most also advertise in our trade magazine: “Picture Frame Magazine”. Advertising dollars keep the magazine publishing and informing subscribers with useful knowledge from the leaders of innovation and general knowledge we need in our industry

That said, it is incumbent on you, our customer base to make an effort to support the vendors at the show whether you attend or not. The folks who exhibit at the show support the industry. Some rather nefarious dealers take advantage of the show by sending out advertisements during the show for what may be less expensive products or specials. These vendors do more harm to our industry than good. Most sell inferior products that may well appear to be a good deal but in the end are not.

Let me end with this simple thought:

Support the companies that support your industry with their time and effort to be at the show.

Thank  you,

Peter Ackermn

A Kind Review From A Satisfied Customer

Peter, I received the two 30″ tubes cut down from the standard 60″ smoke 1/8″ spacers to save postage costs. . Nice cut so this will work well here. This would not have happened without your personal phone call alerting me to the higher shipping cost for the 60″ tube. So thanks for taking the interest and time making this work for my frame shop.
I remain a big fan of 888 products and service.
Ken “Rosy” Rosenbaum

A bit of advise on purchasing framing hardware and supplies

Something to think about.

The price comparison below contains the sale prices for specials valid until October 31st on picture and mirror hangers, offset clips and frame security hardware.

Both 888 Mfg and our competition offer free shipping specials with low minimums.

Please Click The Image To View In Full Size

At 888 Mfg our sale prices on picture and mirror hangers, offset clips and frame security hardware are lower on every single item.

I am not recommending you refrain from purchasing from the competition. What I am telling you is it in the best interest of your bottom line to purchase your hardware from 888 Mfg.
Consider that you will receive free shipping or delivery from most suppliers with a low minimum purchase. I therefore pays for the few minutes it takes to shop around for the best price. Purchase your hardware from 888 and other items we do not as yet stock from the usual suspects.

The small amount time it would take to order from multiple sources will pay for itself in savings.

We have guaranteed the lowest prices on framing hardware but also the highest quality available in the industry. Also what we advertise we have in stock, No back orders!

Thank you for your time and consideration of my advise.

Peter Ackerman

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Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, We Feel Your Pain

We know shipping costs to you from the mainland are exorbitant and we feel your pain.
At 888 Mfg we have the answer.
We will ship your order for free if you place an order for $100.00 or more via the USPS Priority Mail Service. Lessor orders will only pay $9.50 for the same service. Most orders will arrive in 3 days.
This offer also includes APO, FPO and all US possessions that have US Post Office Service.

Some items are not included in this offer. These include the following: Shrink film, Spacemaker, Mitre vises and machinery. No other restrictions.

Products we should add to our line

For the last 6 months or so we have been adding items to our line. The main reason is  to give the opportunity to meet our free shipping minimum and allow you to secure all of the items you need in one place.

We would like to hear from our current customers as well as potential customers what new items we should pick up.

Your suggestions have helped us in the past and the folks in our industry are usually quite helpful.

Post your thoughts on our blog.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Compare Prices And Improve Your Bottom Line

At 888 Manufacturing We Strive To Deliver You The Finest Products At The Most Competitive Prices In The Industry.
You Do Not Always Have The Time To Shop Around For The Lowest Price. You Have Always used A Certain Supplier And It Is Has Become A Habit to Call Your Usual Source.
Well This Habit Is Costing You A Lot Of Money.
Below Is A Chart Showing The Difference in Price Between 888 Mfg And One Of The Big Distributors You All Know.

The Savings Are Obvious!

price compare1
Please note that he prices used here are the most recently published list price from each vendor
Note also that at 888 you would save 25% should you purchase 1 each of the items listed.
Even when the other guy has a big sale our regular prices are lower.

Not only will you save money at 888 Mfg, you will receive products as advertised. Our Nickel Plated products are actually Nickel Plated. Our competition advertises Nickel but delivers Zinc

Get what you pay for for less at 888 MFG

Our Hangers Are Made From Thicker Steel Than Any Others In The Industry

Our Nickel Plating Is Beautiful and Ensures Your Hangers Won’t Tarnish

Our Zinc Plated Hangers Have The Nicest Zinc Finish Available

The Savings Are Real At 888 Manufacturing

The WCAF Was A Great Show Once Again

The WCAF was a great success for all once again. The show was packed with customers soaking up the educational opportunities and walking the show floor getting a handle on what the vendors had to offer. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and sales were brisk. As usual I lost my voice from all the conversations with customers at the booth. It is always a pleasure to meet our current customers and the many new customers who stopped by. This is the biggest and best trade show in our industry. If you did not make it this year, try your best to attend next year as it is well worth it.

WCAF Information

Professional Framers,

At the end of January our industry gets together at the West Coast Art & Frame Show in Las Vegas.

Many suppliers of the products you use in your business exhibit at the WCAF. This is the largest trade show in our industry and in my opinion the best. You should most definitely try to attend. Besides the vendors there are ample opportunities for education as well the camaraderie of your fellow framers.

The exhibitors spend months in preparation and thousands of dollars to be there for you. We want to meet you and speak with you. We want to hear both your compliments as well as complaints. You input helps us improve ourselves and then helps the industry as whole.

For those who can attend and even those who cannot, take the time to examine the showFloor Plan or the Exhibitor List and see which vendors are exhibiting. Many vendors have specials available at the show. View the Show Specials list to see each vendors special offers. Also the following link will take you the page for The National Conference education opportunities where you can see lists of the classes offered and the speakers who pass on their knowledge to you as well.

Some suppliers take advantage of the show and offer specials via internet or snail mail that are designed to draw you to them without exhibiting. They do not spend the time or funds required to exhibit at the show. They do more damage than good riding the shirt tails of those who put in the time, effort and funds to be at the show for you.

During the show and after, remember who exhibited at the show and who did not. Support the vendors that support you by exhibiting and spending the time and resources to make the WCAF a success.

Please remember how much time and effort we vendors put into the show and show your support for us. Believe me it is appreciated and only helps keep our industry vibrant.

 Trade Show: January 25 – 27, 2016 | Conference: January 24 – 27, 2016

It is our anniversary

We are celebrating our 4th anniversary. A lot of things have changed since we started 888 Mfg 4 short years ago. We have added many new products. We have also moved to larger facility. We have added personnel and improved computer systems. All of this because of our customers trust and loyalty. At this time we wish to thank you, our customers for helping us reach this milestone. We will continue to strive to be the best and offer not only the finest products but world class customer service. Thank you.

West Coast Art And Frame Show

We will be there, will you? If you are planning on going we look forward to meeting you. If you are thinking about going, I recommend you attend. The educational opportunities are first rate and the vendors are there to meet and greet with show specials and new products. Do not miss this premier trade show.

Thanks to you we are having a bang up year so far. As a result we have doubled the size of our booth for the 2016 WCAF. Come visit with us to see all of the new products we have been adding over the past year. See our products, take some samples or just come by to say hello. We look forward to seeing you there. We will be in booth 1130.

Do not pass up this trade show. If you can come you should. It is well worth it and a grand time for all.